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Metal Repair Spur for Timber Posts

Metal Repair Spur for Timber Posts
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Metal Repair Spur for Timber Posts
Metal Repair Spur for Timber Posts

Timber posts often rot at the base where the timber contacts the damp soil and where it enters the concrete. In strong winds, wobbly fences are at risk of completely falling down and causing damage to adjoining fence panels, garden plants, pets and children, let alone reducing privacy and security.

Whilst replacing the posts is probably the best option, it is not always practical for reasons of cost, time and labour. Traditionally, concrete repair spurs were used to attach to the good part of the timber posts and concreted into the ground. Whilst this method provides a good and stable repair, concrete repair spurs are heavy and difficult to handle.

Birkdale have developed a new galvanised metal repair spur that are suitable for use with both 75mm(3in) and 100mm(4in) timber posts. They are as strong as concrete posts but lighter, easier to install and easier to handle and store.

If you are a fencing contractor, it is well worth keeping a number of them in your van. They don’t take up as much space as the concrete repairs spurs and won’t crack if dropped!

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