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Rails, Boards & Timber

All Gravel boards are fully pressure treated. Our gravel boards are 150 x 22, 100x22, and 150x47. We supply green treated (natural can be repainted) and brown in various lengths. These are normally used as garden edging or boards to line the bottom of a fence. When building a wooden fence it is pref..
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Timber with a sloped top to allow water to run off. Used  as a backing rail when constructing closeboard fencing, profile 47 x 65 mm..
£5.52 Ex Tax:£4.60
Traditionally used as a fixing point for tiles on a pitched roof. Pressure treated to protect against rot and fungal attack. Also used as general, versatile building timber...
£3.20 Ex Tax:£2.67
Pressure treated rails used primarily for Post & Rail fences but can be used for general fencing purposes...
£8.47 Ex Tax:£7.06
A green, pressure treated half round rail which is of uniform size along its length and generally smooth due to being machined during the production process. This rail is ideal for post and rail fencing...
£10.15 Ex Tax:£8.46
Pressure treated rails used in fence building, decking supports and general construction use...
£12.40 Ex Tax:£10.33
A triangular rail, 75x75mm, used to construct close board fencing. Arris rail is most commonly used in garden fencing panels. They can also be use where timber joining at 45°C is required. In fencing, Arris rail is used because of its chamfered edges which prevent from water being collected. Availab..
£5.21 Ex Tax:£4.34
 Picket Pales ..
£1.40 Ex Tax:£1.17
Pressure treated rails used for closeboard fence backing and general purposes...
£5.82 Ex Tax:£4.85
Plywood Pine 2440x1220
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Our Plywood is a strong engineered product made from three or more piles or thin sheets of wood which are glued together to form a thicker flat sheet. Easy to work with and easy to handle, an excellent general-purpose construction panel. General joinery, shelving, boxing in, signage, fascia's and so..
£33.74 Ex Tax:£28.12
Sterling Board 11mm Smartly OSB2 2440x1220
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Our OSB2 (Sterling) is a versatile, low cost, non-structural building board for interior  dry use. It is durable with superb load-bearing properties and great stability. Depth 11mm x Length 2440mm x Width 607mm Suitable for hoarding, basic shuttering, shelving, packaging, garden sheds, exhibition di..
£19.24 Ex Tax:£16.03
Machined and treated round horse jump poles. Our timber jump poles are 100mm (4in) diameter and 3660mm (12ft) long. Also used as extra long timber posts for general garden constuction such as pergolas, tree houses, rustic garden furniture...
£21.62 Ex Tax:£18.02
Pressure treated stakes which can be used in landscaping and gardening projects. Ideal for setting out, ensuring lines are straight and levels are 'spot-on'. 600mm x 50mm x 50mm..
£2.40 Ex Tax:£2.00
We use these as vertical side rails on ur Fully Framed Closeboard Panels but many people use them as garden/tree stakes and panel spacers. ..
£2.52 Ex Tax:£2.10
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