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Electric Fencing

Insulator short support, threaded for wood, takes tape up to 40mm and ropes up to 8 mm..
£20.40 Ex Tax:£17.00
Polypost HD, 1.55m, Green, Pack of 10..
£50.27 Ex Tax:£41.89
Compact Polyrope, 6-strand, 0.30mm, white, 200m spool ..
£49.13 Ex Tax:£40.94
Plastic Post, white, 1.55m, Pack of 10..
£39.85 Ex Tax:£33.21
Special Gate Handle, stainless steel with connector plate..
£9.31 Ex Tax:£7.76
Fence Connecting Cable for polytape, stainless steel..
£15.66 Ex Tax:£13.05
Compact Polytape 40mm, 8-strand,0.16mm,white-green, 200m ..
£50.53 Ex Tax:£42.11
Clamp for maintaining tension within the fence line, for tape up to 40mm...
£13.84 Ex Tax:£11.53
A pair of insulated gate handle anchors for simple gate closure...
£5.82 Ex Tax:£4.85
Rope/Tape Insulator, clamps the tape safely between 2 faces. Up to 40mm tape...
£20.57 Ex Tax:£17.14
A robust way of closing your paddock gates where several gates come together at one point...
£3.78 Ex Tax:£3.15
Gate Handle Insulator 3-way (qty 4)..
£14.12 Ex Tax:£11.77
Rope/Tape Insulator, wood screw thread (qty 25)..
£20.57 Ex Tax:£17.14
Plastic Post, green, 1.05m, Pack of 10..
£31.22 Ex Tax:£26.02
Special Gate Handle with stainless steel hook & spring..
£6.80 Ex Tax:£5.67
Ring Insulator, wood thread, 6mm shaft (qty 25)..
£8.36 Ex Tax:£6.97
Length of shaft 180mm; for polytapes up to 40mm and polyrope.With wood screw thread...
£23.98 Ex Tax:£19.98
Compact polytape with 8 stainless steel strands. Ideal for use with horses. Recommended for fences up to 300m long.20mm x 200mm roll, white-greens/steel strands = 6 x Ø 0.16mm   Colour: White-Green Length (m): 200 Diameter: 20mm..
£32.50 Ex Tax:£27.08
Gate Handle - Black - with Hook Tension Spring - pack of 10..
£3.04 Ex Tax:£2.53
Elastic Rope, 8mm, 25m ..
£89.74 Ex Tax:£74.78
Good connection, no corrosion, optimal current flow, stainless steel.   Size Ins (mm): 40 Colour: Stainless Steel Suitable for: up to 40mm tape..
£17.34 Ex Tax:£14.45
Gate Handle Insulator, standard, wood screw thread, 2 eyelets..
£7.13 Ex Tax:£5.94
Fence/Earth Lead Set, 8mm eyelet,red and green..
£13.78 Ex Tax:£11.48
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